The Power of Nutrition in Curing Cancer

In life sciences, our initial attention focused on understanding the relationship between nutrition and immune deficiency–related diseases such as cancer. After determining the nutrient map of the human immune system, we were first to report on the wide spectrum of nutrient deficiencies that exist in cancer, and that such deficiencies also increase the incidence of numerous cancers. Nutritional compositions formulated with this understanding can rebalance the immune system and promote the reversal of cancer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)!

Cancer is also known to be associated with numerous co-infections that reinforce undesirable immunological processes that contribute to the growth and spread of the disease. These immunological processes are neglected both by cancer research and clinical oncology that are obsessed with the genetics of the disease. This one-sided approach leads to the erroneous conclusion that cancer is a genetic disease. 

Contemporary medicine has only a limited selection of antivirals, and many antibiotics have lost their ability to control bacterial or mycoplasma infections. Therefore, nutrition-based anti-infective methods offer important benefits for such patient populations. 

With an increasingly older population and greater appreciation of preventive medicine, health maintenance and prevention are gaining public acceptance.  This is seen in the continued strength of the nutritional supplement movement, and alternative practices such as yoga, homeopathy and energy healing. The supplements we have developed at A-D Research Foundation have both therapeutic and preventative value. When taken at lower than therapeutic doses, these supplements re-supply the body with nutrients essential for health.  At therapeutic doses, they reverse the disease processes and restore health or significantly extend life.

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